E-com Camping November 2, 2010

E-com Camping and Excursion.
November 2nd & 3rd, 2010.

E-com Cmaping 2

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Below are the reasons why this camping was the best so far:
1. the kids roasted 2 chickens
2. pork barbecue
3. Naoko's delicious soft bread wrapped around hotdogs
4. Tera Sensie, Kayoko and the kids working on the grill
5. E-com macaroni salad
6. Never Ending Story II
7. beautiful weather, no rain, not too hot and not too cold
8. german potato, vegetable salad, omelet, scrambled egg and peek-a-boo egg sandwich
for breakfast
9. the excursion, kids bought their own tickets and paid fares on their own
10. Enoo Park
11. 2 buses and 3 train rides to Enoo and back
12. concentration game in the train
13. Japanese picnic style lunch at the Yoninomiya Park
14. the English lessons
15. pancit canton (chinese yakisoba)
16. sweet potato-cue
17. yakiimo
18. and many more...

Then we were sad because we had to say goodbye to each other, when it was time to go home. We started missing the children right after they left.... Anyways, we have another camping this November 22nd & 23rd. We hope to see you again.
by koolvox | 2010-11-09 21:50 | English
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